Basic information that may help to understand Solar Electric System before you call Solar Energy Company for a quote.  
Solar Photovoltaic Cells: Convert sun energy into electricity (DC Power).

DC Power / AC Power:
DC Power (Direct Current): Like batteries  
AC Power (Alternating Current): The electricity we use in homes.  

Solar Electric System Major Components
Solar Panel: Converts Solar energy into electric energy (DC Power).
Inverter: Converts DC power into AC Power for household use  
Control Panel: For Electrical Connections  
Battery: To store energy (Optional , Not a must in order to have a solar system)

On the Grid: Your house is connected to your own solar power and utility company. Suitable for most people

Off Grid: Your house is not connected to utility company. You use your own solar power stored in your batteries.


Typical Solar Panel Sizes & Watt:
5'x3'x2", 100 Watt

Typical Roof area needed: 100 square feet per 1000 Watt (1KW)

Typical Household Watts: A typical 3-4 bedroom house needs 3000-4000 Watt
(3-4 KW) system


Solar Electric Technical info:

Volt: Standard unit of voltage
Ampere: Unit of electric current
Watt: The unit of electric power
KW: 1KW=1000Watt
Production of power in kilowatts and time in hours


Typical Cost of a Solar System:

There are many variables. Get a quote from Solar Company
Govt. Subsidies & Incentives: There are many variables. Get a quote from Solar Company.  
Service, Maintenance & Warranties: The company that installs the system does it. Get a quote from Solar Company.



General Financing options:

1. Solar Loan: You own it. Like a house mortgage, make monthly payment.

2. Solar Lease: You don’t own it. Like a leased car, make monthly payment.

3. Power Purchase Agreement: You don’t own it. You only pay for solar power used at a reduced rate.

4. Purchase (Pay Upfront): You own it.

Specifics will be given by the Solar Company you contact.

What is saving:

1. Zero down payment.
2. Solar electricity is cheaper than grid electricity. The difference in the price is saving.
3. You also help in saving the planet by using clean energy.